Luma Home Installation

$ 99.00
Luma Home Installation

Luma Home Installation

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We’ve partnered with HelloTech to provide you with a complete professional installation of your Luma Surround WiFi System.

  • A HelloTech specialist will reach out to schedule your installation.
  • A certified and trained technician will come to your home and install your Luma Surround WiFi System.
  • Once the technician has successfully completed your installation, your Lumas will be ready to provide you with wifi speed, security and reliability.
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Surround Your Home with WiFi You’ll Love™

Get super-fast WiFi everywhere in your home, unparalleled security features, and easy-to-use parental controls. Control your network from the palm of your hand, and never settle for weak WiFi again.


Luma covers your home no matter how many devices you have, or how many people are on the network, with strong and fast WiFi.


No network should be without a good security system. Protect yours with cybersecurity used by large businesses, right from your home router.


Use the familiar PG rating scale to control what your kids see on the internet, pause and set bedtimes and usage limits at the touch of a button.

Customers love their Lumas

Luma is the world’s fastest and most reliable home WiFi system - that only takes minutes to set up. We want you to love your Lumas as much as our happy Luma community members.

Technical Specs

Interested in the technical details? We have you covered.

SETUP REQUIREMENTS iOS or Android devices
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DIMENSIONS Width 4.60 inches
Depth 1.18 inches
Height 4.13 inches
Power adapter
Ethernet cable
Quick start guide
HARDWARE Quad-core processor
LED light ring
WIRELESS IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Simultaneous dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz
Bluetooth 4.0 with low energy bluetooth
Surround WiFi™ enabled
NAT, DHCP, VPN Passthrough
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)
Custom DNS
PORTS Two Gigabit ethernet ports of WAN and LAN
USB 2.0